Topic: Choose a specific civilization to discuss–Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. You could discuss what makes their culture unique.

However, I dont know how to answer this discussion question. Can anyone help me to this Final Brain Storms?

Final Project Brainstorm


The purpose of this discussion board is to share your thoughts and ideas for the Final Project. You are encouraged to interact with your classmates to generate ideas.


Please include the following in your initial post:

The final project format option you are considering?

Your idea for your project?

Why you think that your idea is awesome?

After your initial post, please respond to at least two classmates with friendly advice and suggestions for their projects.

It’s important to note that you can still change your mind and use another idea for your official Final Project, please discuss the potential switch with your instructor.

Your participation in this discussion will be a valuable experience as you begin to plan your final project and is required as part of the Final Project process.

Please note that you must post something before you can view the posts of others.

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