Part I – Choose three of the five questions below and answer them in a typed response of 200-300 words. (15 points each = 45 points)

1. The Roman Empire – What were the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the Roman Empire before its collapse in 476 CE?

2. The Islamic Empires – How did the Islamic Caliphates (dynasties) succeed in unifying – politically, culturally, economically – an ethnically diverse population spanning a vast geographical area?

3. South Asia – How did Buddhism become integrated with the cultures of South Asia?

4. Medieval China & Mongolia – How did the Chinese approach to government (from the Sui to the Song) both compare and contrast to the Mongol approach to government?

5. Feudalism in Europe & Japan – How does feudalism work that created and maintained both political division AND economic stagnation in BOTH feudal Europe and Japan?