Choosing and Preparing your MHIS301 Research Project

After reading the document ‘Choosing and Preparing your MHIS301 Research Project’ and having selected your primary source base for the research essay you are to write a primary source report.


This task is getting you to reflect on your primary source and to think critically about it. It is both a description of the source/s and a reflection on its historical relevance. A key component of this task is to develop a research question. This question might change in the course of completing the research essay. However, it is important to start the process sooner rather than later.


Part 1: You should consider the following things:


1.      What is it?

2.      Who created it and why?

3.      When and where was it created?

4.      What was the audience?

5.      What can we determine about the historical period and /or topic?

6.      Limitations (what can’t we know by looking at the source on its own)?

7.      What questions does it raise?


Part 2: Compose an historical question.

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