Cities and Community Development CITC08

For students to demonstrate that they have understood the concepts, terms and tools introduced in the required course readings and classes, and can apply them appropriately. For students to show their insight and creative thinking in applying community development concepts and tools to community initiatives. *** The course Cities and Community Development has emphasized that the process by which we pursue an outcome is just as important as the outcome itself. Drawing on the key lessons, readings and tools from the course write a start-up plan about a collaborative community initiative Step 1 Choose one of the following issues to work on: ● Integration of newcomers to the community ● Reducing isolation for seniors ● Ensuring that youth complete high school ● Keeping a local employer in the community ● Eliminating pollution in a local pond Step 2 Familiarize yourself with the local community ● Population 10,000 people ● 80% have lived in the community for more than 20 years ● 50% are the second generation to live in this community ● 5% are Aboriginal ● Primary language spoken English ● Newcomers come from China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Poland ● The community was reasonably affluent with low (less than 4%) unemployment. Over the past 5 years unemployment has risen to 9% and 26% of residents are living in poverty ● The primary employment has been bottle manufacturing. The manufacturer has been steadily downsizing for several years ● There are two high-schools and a community centre ● Baseball is very popular in the community with four adult and 8 youth teams ● All eight councillors have served on Town Council for two terms (ie eight years) and tend to vote to maintain the status quo ● There are two beautiful parks in the community ● Once a year the community hosts a big Canada Day celebration Assignment: Write a 7-10 page paper addressing the following: You live in this community. You and three friends have decided to develop a project to tackle one of the above complex issues (see Issues in Step 1). You have been given $10,000 from a private foundation to make a difference. Your paper should at minimum address the following: ● What makes the issue you have chosen complex? What contributes to the complexity (eg education, economics, family connections etc)? 2 marks ● What personal biases might you have about the people or institutions what might you do to address them? 1 mark ● In order to use an asset based community development approach what assets will you draw on? 1 mark ● What is your capacity building strategy? 2 marks ● What are the win/win solutions you will pursue? 1 mark ● What organizations do you think would make good allies? Why? What type of involvement do you think they will have (e.g. sharing information, mobilizing residents, partnering on event or long-term)? 1mark ● How will perspective empathy help you in this project? 2 marks ● How will you facilitate good decision making? 3 marks ● Describe the steps you will take to implement the project. 2 marks ● What seeds will your project plant towards a long term solution to your chosen issue (described in step 1)? 2 marks The project should be realistic 2 marks The various components of the project should be consistent and work well together 3 marks The paper should be clear and free from spelling and grammar errors 3 marks Total marks 25

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