Clifton Gallup Strengths and Johari’s Window theories

Detailed Instructions


1.     Critically appraise the Clifton Gallup Strengths and Johari’s Window theories in relation to career development. 200 WORDS

Quick Response

      The Clifton Strengths is an assessment that assists in the identification, comprehension, and maximization of individual’s strengths. The outcome of these strengths is used to develop a strategy that helps an organization to work and achieve their goals in an organization. In addition, the exploration of the strengths helps individuals to interact with others hence promoting transformational culture in the organization. On the other hand, Johari Window is a technique that assists people to understand their relationship with others. The four approaches include how one is known to self, not known to self, known to others, and not known to others
CITATION Wes10 l 1033  (West & Turner, 2010). The four quadrants guide the response using various adjectives such as bold, organized, religious, warm among others….

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