For Q1 and Q2 refer to the textbook: Cloud Computing by Dr. Kris Jamsa, 2nd ED

ISBN: 9781284248203  

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning 

Publication Date: July 14, 2022 

Q1. In paragraph form, respond to the following statements: 

  • Many businesses were initially fearful to place files into cloud due to the perception that files in the cloud were less secure. Agree or disagree? Defend your answer. 
  • To enhance security, most cloud-based file systems encrypt the underlying files. Agree or disagree? Defend your answer. 
  • Because network communication is fast, cloud-based storage will always be faster than on-premise storage. Agree or disagree? Defend your answer.

The answer must be 300-350 words. A minimum of two scholarly journal articles are required. Please follow APA 7 Guidelines.

Q2. Write a research paper that contains the following:  

  • Define and describe cloud-based collaboration.   
  • Google Docs is a cloud-based tool used for document sharing.  
  • Discuss pros and cons of using Google Docs for business-based documents.   
  • Compare and contrast the use of Google Docs with Microsoft 365 Word Docs for business-based documents.

Paper should be approximately five pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. The body of the paper must include introduction and conclusion. A minimum of two scholarly journal articles are required. Please follow APA 7 Guidelines for in-text citations and references.

For Q3 refer to textbook: Systems Analysis and Design by Kenneth E. Kendall and Julie E Kendall, 10th ED

ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-478555-4 

Q3. In a paragraph form, answer to the below topic:

“3-legged stool”: Name and describe how each leg of the 3-legged stool of project management affects the other legs.

The answer must be 200 words. Provide at least two APA references with in-text citations. The reference must include the URL/DOI of your resource.