Part 1: Lab Activity (Microsoft Azure)
  1. Generate a Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Machine for this project using the links provided (
  2. Select the Windows Virtual Machines ( Using Azure, this will initiate you to the VM environment in the cloud, incorporate apps into the usage, and manipulate files all within the cloud instance.
  3. Create and save a database and an Excel file on the Windows Virtual Machine (VM) [You may specify your own requirement for a small database and then implement it].
  4. Rename the database file for the purpose of this project.
  5. Take screenshots (7-10) of your work completed with each step as evidence. This will show your efforts as you move through each step. Save them in the doc file.

Please to note: screenshots (created as evidence of your work from the lab) and the two files (one database and one Excel), and rename the database file. These steps demonstrate your ability to overcome challenges of creating files on the Windows Virtual Machine (VM). Additionally, be sure to note the cybersecurity being applied to the Azure environment.

Part 2: Written Report

Write 1000 words double-spaced written report in APA format with in text citation (minimum of 5 references), analyzing the lab activity completed in Part 1. The report (submitted in Word doc format) must be reflect the activity of the Part 1.

The written report must consist of the following:

  • Executive summary: Include a summary of the project, analysis of the implementation, analysis of the cybersecurity applied, and insights.
  • Introduction: Articulate the purpose of the project and proposed objectives.
  • Analysis: Analyze the Azure account and Virtual Machine (VM) cybersecurity implementation noted from the exercise.
  • Implementation Challenges: Include any challenges encountered or challenges you foresee that could be encountered in a corporate setting.
  • Best Practices: Provide best practices included in the cloud implementation.
  • Conclusions: Include your thoughts on the cloud computing component, ease of use, and if it worked to your satisfaction.