CNA773 Contemporary Critical Care Nursing Theory Week 2-7 Themes: A discussion, analysis, and application of the data gained from assessment, monitoring and laboratory findings against evidence based literature.

Discuss, analyse and apply data gained from assessment, monitoring and laboratory findings against evidence based literature. a. Utilise problem solving skills that incorporates data gained from integrated assessment and monitoring practices b. Recommends alternative options based upon assessment findings


Select one of the themes from weeks 2 – 7. Conduct a literature review that critically debates the current evidence in relation to the selected topic. This may relate to specific evidence based therapeutic management or how understanding of the physiology has changed over time. **Please note you may not cover positive pressure ventilation as this is addressed in CNA771. You may wish to limit your paper to one or two themes arising from the selected topic. For example if you have selected coagulation failure (week 4), you could focus your discussion on the evidence around the use of anticoagulant therapies or blood products ensuring you are linking this to the related physiology. To commence after topic selection, you should search the literature for the best available research evidence and then analyse the literature looking for unsupported assumptions and gaps in the evidence. There should be clear links to the underlying physiology to support the claims you are putting forward. The paper should commence with a brief overview of the significance of the problem in critical care then, write a critically informed paper in response to the topic that: Page 7 CNA773 Contemporary Critical Care Nursing Theory • Briefly outlines the development of the literature that has occurred over time. You should limit this to a no more than ten year period. • Summarises and analyses the literature • Discusses your findings and relates them to previous knowledge • Integrates the relationship of the findings to the key physiological rationale underpinning the topic

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