This Report is the culmination of your semester’s work in Co-operative Education. The Co-operative Education Report is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write a business report and demonstrate your competency in the BBus Learning Goals.

Your report will comprise three parts:

You will write a report in which you draw on your experience and use examples from your Co-operative Education placement. This should include:

  1. A reflection on your Co-operative Education experience including a self-evaluation of how your experience has developed knowledge from your major, increased your understanding of business and enhanced your understanding of the importance of your professional skills, including benefits and the challenges you faced (1000 words).
  2. Discuss and evaluate how your business major(s), minor(s), broader student capabilities and the BBus Programme Learning Goals have prepared you for the world of business and link to your future career development (750 words).
  3. Critically analyse and discuss your contemporary issue from your major(s) perspective. (2500 – 3000 words).

You should:

  • Provide a title and the background to your chosen contemporary issue
  • Identify and outline the implications, benefits, and challenges of the issue for your industry or organisation
  • Analyse and evaluate your findings
  • Identify the ethical or social issues that are relevant and discuss what your industry or organisation could do to act responsibly
  • Support your analysis and discussion of these benefits and challenges with relevant literature, theories, and concepts from your major(s)
  • Propose some recommendations and discuss how they will benefit your industry or organisation

You must only draw on secondary research i.e. relevant academic literature, theories, and concepts for your entire report to support your discussion.

  • You must not disclose any confidential information or complete any primary research.
  • The work must not have previously been submitted by yourself or another person.
  • Ensure all researched information has been acknowledged by citing and referencing in APA 7t ed.

You are required in more detail to:

Write a report in which you reflect on your Co-operative Education experience which includes your development during your Co-operative experience in your BBus Learning Goals, and as a professional.

You must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a relevant contemporary issue through research and application to your organisation and/or industry.

Your report should include the following:

  • Title Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction, conclusion, and recommendations (5-10% overall word count)
  • Part 1: Reflection (1000 words) (written in first person)

Introduce your Cooperative Education placement to provide context. Assume the reader knows nothing about your placement – include your original role, any changes to your role or circumstances, your organisation, its environment, and your industry/sector.

  1. Reflective overview: This could include reflections on any or all of the following (depending on your circumstances
  • Your knowledge in your major e.g. what contributions did you make, was your discipline knowledge at the standard required, any gaps in your knowledge.
  • Your professional skills against initial thoughts (Your Development Plan) and expectations, any challenges and how you overcame them.
  • Your progress and performance in your role, include your own perceptions of your performance during the time you were on site in your placement and/or working remotely and support with examples/feedback.
  • Reflection on things that went well and not so well, key challenges that you encountered and how you dealt with these and where to from here (your future plans).
  • You should access both Course Material and Course resources for guidance on reflection This reflection could include the impact that the changing environment has had for you personally (professional skills) and professionally (discipline related) and your future.
  • Part 2: Graduate profile (BBus Learning Goals) and your career plans (750 words) (written in first person)
  • Discuss and evaluate how your business major(s) and minor(s) and your broader student capabilities have prepared you for your placement and career
  • Think about the BBus Learning Goals assessment you completed during the workshops for your Development Plan and in your Final Portfolio- where are you now? How did you get there? How did these goals prepare you for the world of business? What else is important? What are the implications for your future career?


  • Part 3: Your Contemporary Issue (2500- 3000 words): If you are majoring in TWO disciplines, you may address both in this section.
  • Introduce your contemporary issue, provide relevant background, and discuss how your issue can be applied to your organisation and/or industry.
  • Write up your findings from your research (use informative subheadings) in which you demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and analysis of your contemporary issue. To demonstrate your understanding of the issue it is expected that you will analyse, synthesise, and evaluate the material and evidence you have gathered.

Your analysis and evaluation should include:

  • the implications, benefits, and challenges of the issue for your organisation or industry
  • identification of the ethical or social issues that are relevant and discuss what your industry or organisation could do to act responsibly
  • Organise your material and evidence based on your analysis, research, and evaluation to arrive at conclusions and recommendations.
  • Discuss how these conclusions/recommendations relate to your organisation and/or industry.

Academic Integrity:

Don’t forget

  1. to acknowledge all the sources of the information you use
  2. referencing is the formal acknowledgement of the source of any material (other than your own ideas) used in your work
  3. the source material used should NOT include work from other students or have been submitted by you in previous course work.


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