Schedule and complete a practice “coaching with compassion” session with a subordinate or colleague. It is recommended that they be a superior performer. Engage in a one-hour coaching session with the person. Coaching with compassion involves discussing the person’s dreams, aspirations, hopes, values, and other things that would stimulate the positive emotional attractor.


Be prepared. Create an interview guide using questions you have previously answered in exercises from your workbook. After the interview, develop a case analysis (3-4 pages) that includes the following:


The person’s relationship with you (no name).

A list of the questions you asked.

A brief description of what occurred during the session.

The person’s mood at the beginning, during, and after the session, as well as your mood at the beginning, during, and after the session.

Analysis of what happened (should include concepts such as Intentional Change Theory, the Ideal Self, Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors, and tipping points.

What, if anything, you expect will be the outcome of the session.

Remember, you are coaching with compassion, not coaching with compliance. Please do not engage in a session with someone you are trying to rehabilitate or fix. This should not be anyone you are angry or frustrated with.