Customer Feedback To Commercial Printing Suppliers – As – Opportunities for

Digital Media School Students


Over the course of your future career, you’ll see and perhaps even be involved in developing and using results from Customer Surveys. They are a powerful tool, which too many organizations do not use – as they could, and often should – for improving performance for customers, and generating additional revenues, and margins.


Within 50 miles of your University, there are perhaps 100’s of commercial printing companies. Most have probably never conducted a Customer Survey of current customers – that could reveal additional business – of some significance.

Please read the “Case Studies Article & Ex” first to get the background of this assignment and an example for the template. Also use those Supporting Documents to use as Reference Material in the body of this Case Study


First Part to This Assignment.

  1. Create a spreadsheet of commercial printing companies — with annual sales in ranges of $5 to $15 million, within 50 miles this address: 11251 Pompano Ln, 77072 (Do not worry this is not my actual address) (On your spreadsheet, be sure to list a senior manager or officer, title, address, and contact information.)


(I understand that the nature of this website is mainly about writing papers and not Microsoft Excel assignments so if you are not able to create a spreadsheet on Excel, then please let me know and I will do it instead. Though some thoughts or outline for the spreadsheet at least would help.)


  1. Create an “Introductory Letter” that offers to conduct a Customer Survey – that generates at least 4% additional revenue opportunities from current customers – compared to your sponsor’s revenues — last year.
  2. (Note: You should expect to survey all customers who bought over $1,000 last year.) What costs, in some detail, do you expect to incur for this Customer Survey? Please list the items. (Note: this is a written, printed survey, not an electronic survey.)
  3. From attached resources, what types of information might you need to gather from your Survey sponsor – to develop and conduct an effective Customer Survey?
  4. From results you might expect to generate, how might you price such a service to your survey sponsor


– if your sponsor pays for all out-of-pocket costs upfront?

  1. What are some of the “performance issues” that could be tested, that you believe your Survey sponsor would want to test with his/her customers? Would questions and issues vary according to size of company, or according to the company’s services and capabilities?
  2. What are examples of how such questions could be phrased, that would most likely generate a response…?
  3. What are “the issues” that students who graduate from the School


of Digital Media should be surveyed – by the school – to improve the curriculum for preparing students for their careers? How long after leaving the school should such a survey be conducted?

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