Communication and Decision-making

For your final assignment, pick a topic to which your knowledge of communication and decision-making can be applied. You will do external research to find a real-world example of communication and decision-making – this can be something you have experienced or something unrelated to you (such as a sports example). Then you will fully describe and evaluate that choice using your knowledge of communication and decision-making gained over the course of the term. How does communication influence the decision-making process? What strategies (decision-making and communication) might result in a better decision? What cognitive, affective, contextual, and social factors might be influencing such a choice, and how?

Quick Response

The role of communication is central in any organization, especially when making decisions. Communication presents an opportunity for ideas to be presented, evaluated and considered for implementation in an organization. Communication styles such as passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive styles influence businesses differently(Chitty, et al., 2017). For instance, assertive communication is referred to be the capacity to express positive as well as negative feelings and ideas in an open, honest and direct way. This approach helps in making a better decision since it encourages positive criticism, which has a significant impact on embracing decisions that are sustainable. Assertive communication helps to overcome cognitive bias such as overdependence on ancient knowledge and hence promoting innovation….

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