A research paper around Neighborhoods and Community, the psychology and sociology of neighborhoods, and then the society or cliques within a neighborhood – with maybe going into HOA communities more specifically, and then the evolution, developments, and social capital within neighborhoods.
What is it about HOA’s and the power the community has or doesn’t have? What about the cliques within a neighborhood – depending on social status, religious status, power status (like on an HOA Governing Board of Directors) How does the social capital work within an HOA or smaller neighborhood community?

Academic Research Paper
The body of the paper should be 25 double-spaced pages, Your final submission must include the following:

Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Tables and Figures (if applicable)
Research Strategies
A Review of the Literature
Discussions and Conclusions
Annotated Bibliography (All sources referenced in the paper should be listed and annotated in the bibliography.)
Appendices (if applicable)