The assignment focuses on Community Policing Models. Also, there is an analysis of Criminal Justice System. So, discuss the history of the topic area.

Community Policing Models – Criminal Justice System Analysis

an aspect of criminal justice

Students may choose from the following: Community Policing Models, Community Corrections, Specialty Courts (ie: Veteran Courts, Drug Courts, or Family Courts), or a current topic. If a student wishes to choose a current issue, the topic must be approved by the professor in advance. A Rubric is attached. The purpose of this writing assignment is for students to examine the relationship of the criminal justice system, specifically law enforcement, courts or corrections, with society and do examine the benefits of programs that involve the community.

Community Policing Models – Criminal Justice System Analysis

Firstly, identify a specific topic area (Community Policing, Community Corrections or Specialty Court). Secondly, the Science and Technology Task Force of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement. Also, and Administration of Justice (hereinafter referred to as the National Crime Commission), as one of its forward-reaching endeavors, exam ined how science and technology might contribute to the control of crime and to the operations of the criminal justice system. Discuss the history of the topic area.

Describe how the topic area benefits the community.

Grammar, typos, sentence structure,

In-text citations (AP)A format)

Detailed Instructions


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