Compare , contrast and evaluate the 1820 (Missouri) Compromise and 1850 Compromises.


1.Why specifically were they needed ? Give details, numbers)

2. Who( name names) were involved

3. What institutions of government were involved? (Which two make up Congress?)

 4. Each Compromise has different provisions. Give the details of each provision

5. From each Compromise state the provision YOU believe was most controversial and why? Explain in several sentences.

6. Explain how you think each measure either unfired or divided the country?

7. Compromises are often seen as ways of preventing armed conflict. These compromises did not prevent the Civil War from occurring . In a paragraph or more, describe why YOU believe that these Compromises did not prevent armed conflict between the North and the South. Good essay should be about a 800 words. (About the same as four double spaced typewritten pages in a face to face class. They should have good detail, factual analyses, and well thought evaluations.