This assignment focuses on Comparing Proprietorship and LLC . There is also comparing and contrasting of Debt vs. Equity as a Source of Capital.

Comparing Proprietorship and LLC : Debt vs. Equity as a Source of Capital

Firstly, please discuss in detail giving appropriate and pertinent examples.
Secondly, please pick five of the topics below and support your answers with your textbook and a minimum of 1 extra reference per answer.  (i.e. you should have a minimum of 6 references on your final reference sheet. Also, please include your textbook as a reference on your reference sheet even if you do not cite it).
Extra reference may come from any source – preferably one with academic integrity (Google may be a useful tool here).
Each answer must be a minimum of two pages.

Comparing Proprietorship and LLC : Debt vs. Equity as a Source of Capital

APA guidelines must be used.
Do not plagiarize (direct quotes with no citation) the textbook or overuse direct quotations (you may use direct quotations, but these must be cited in sentence with page numbers). The use of direct quotations should be limited to no more than 2/answer.
Must include a short introductory paragraph and conclusion per answer. Also, APA guidelines require that paragraphs be a minimum of 3 sentences.

1. Compare and Contrast Proprietorship and LLC

2. Compare and Contrast Debt vs. Equity as a Source of Capital

3. The Financial Plan
4. Bootstrap Financing
5. Factors in Valuation
6. Advantages and Disadvantages of going Public
7. Growth Strategies
8. Principles of Time Management

Detailed Instructions


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