1) Complete an introductory paragraph using instructions from today’s class with a well-developed thesis claim.

2) Locate four quotes from “The Open Boat” that you will be using in your essay and arrange them in a list after your introductory paragraph in the order you think will work best for the argument you are making in your thesis.

3) Before each quote, write a sentence explaining, in general, how the evidence from the quote you are about to provide will help to prove some aspect of your thesis. For example: By identifying his characters based on their roles they play on the ship, Crane emphasizes their relationship to one another and their common plight over their individualism.

4) After each point claim, write a sentence that introduces your quote, paraphrasing as needed to incorporate the quote into your own sentence structure, rather than leaving it as a standalone quote. For example: As he describes the scene, Crane points out that “after successfully surmounting one wave you discover that there is another behind it” (300).

-NOTE: do not use outside sources for , Also use the attachment for guidance since the full essay will be biased on its instructions. Hopefully if this goes well I’ll do the full Essay with you in the future.

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