Twelve tasks, with times and precedence requirements as shown in the following table, are to

be assigned to workstations using a cycle time of 1.5 minutes. Two heuristic rules will be tried:

(1) greatest positional weight, and (2) most following tasks.

In each case, the tiebreaker will be the shortest processing time.






a 0.1 —

b 0.2 a

c 0.9 b

d 0.6 c

e 0.1 —

f 0.2 d, e

g 0.4 f

h 0.1 g

i 0.2 h

j 0.7 i

k 0.3 j

l 0.2 k

a. Draw the precedence diagram for this line.

b. Assign tasks to stations under each of the two rules.

c. Compute the percentage of idle time for each rule.