A producer of inkjet printers is planning to add a new line of printers, and you have been asked to

balance the process, given the following task times and precedence relationships. Assume that cycle

time is to be the minimum possible.






a 0.2 –

b 0.4 a

c 0.3 –

d 1.3 b, c

e 0.1 –

f 0.8 e

g 0.3 d, f

h 1.2 g

a. Do each of the following:

(1) Draw the precedence diagram.

(2) Assign tasks to stations in order of most following tasks. Tiebreaker: greatest positional


(3) Determine the percentage of idle time.

(4) Compute the rate of output in printers per day that could be expected for this line, assuming

a 420-minute working day