POI- The use of tobacco cessation in reducing Lung cancerprevelance


Concept Analysis PaperPurpose: The student will select aConcept Analysis article that has significance for the identified Phenomenon ofInterest (POI). I nclude a summary of the concept analysis article withparticular attention to the identified critical attributes of the concept aswell as how the analysis contributes to nursing knowledge, and evaluate how theconcept analysis impacts the way the POI is viewed within the context ofadvanced nursing practice specialty.Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to practice the followingskills that are essential to yoursuccess in this course as well as youracademic and professional practice. Applying basic and complex disciplinaryknowledge to advanced nursing practice situations. Critically examiningindividual elements or deconstructing issues.Critiquing and evaluatingconcepts and ideas.Developing a graphic representation of concepts thatdemonstrates the strength of relationships.Knowledge: This assignment will alsohelp you to become familiar with the following important contentknowledge:Relationship of concepts to theory building, nursing knowledge, anda relevant phenomenon of interest. Understand how a concept analysis applies toa phenomenon of interest.Transfer complex concepts from narrative to a visualformat through Concept Mapping.Apply graduate level scholarshipTasks:  Review required and recommended resources.Conduct a literature search and review of the literature to support ideas andconcepts.Develop a scholarly paper that adheres to all expectations outlinedin the rubric.Demonstrate graduate level scholarship as outlined in therubric.Criteria for Success:


Introduction and ThesisStatement

1. Briefly state your Phenomenon of Interest,and introduce the selected Concept Analysis article in one paragraph.

2. Conclude the introductory paragraph with a direct thesis statement thatinforms the reader of your purpose, or primary objective of the paper

3. A citation and reference should be included for the Concept Analysis article.

4. Attach a copy of the selected concept analysis article.



Concept Analysis Description

1. Describe the origin of the theory or thepublished authors (not yours) purpose for conducting the concept analysis.

2. Discuss the relevance of the Concept Analysis to your POI.

3. Discuss the transferability of the Concept Analysis to other phenomena ofinterest. The more widely the Concept Analysis can be applied, the greater itstransferability.

4. Provide at least two (2) ) peer-reviewed references IN ADDITION to theConcept Analysis article (excluding textbooks).



Critical Appraisal of ConceptAnalysis

1. Identify the major concepts or elements ofthe selected Concept Analysis article, as described by Walker and Avant (2019),and include the following:

a) Concept: Identify the Concept.

b) Antecedents: Describe the antecedents and how the antecedents may be used topredict outcomes related to your POI.

c) Attributes: Describe the attributes and in what way the attributes arerelated to your POI.

d) Consequences: Describe the consequences and the effect of the consequenceson your POI.

2. Support this section with at least three (3) peer-reviewed or scholarlyreferences (excluding textbooks).



Concept Map

Construct a Concept Map of the major elementsrelevant to your Phenomenon of Interest, and include it as an appendix in yourpaper. The Concept Map should include the following:

a) Concept

b) Antecedents

c) Attributes

d) Consequences




1. Summarize the major points of the paper inone (1) paragraph.

2. No new information or new references should be included in this section.



Graduate-level Scholarship

Demonstrate Graduate Level Scholarship

1. Formal, scholarly writing style with no first-person language.

2. Writing should be clear and concise and free of grammatical and spellingerrors

3. Organize work by headings

4. Writing should be free of APA 7th errors, including citations and references.

5. Turnitin similarity score supports that the paper is your original work.

6. College of Nursing approved format for the title page.

7. A minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed references (excluding textbooks).

8. Paper not to exceed seven (7) pages (excluding title page, reference page,and any appendices).

9. Follow all assignment instructions, and do not use direct quotes unlessproviding a brief definition.

10. Additional deductions may apply for late submissions, plagiarism, or lackof scholarship and professionalism.