This assignment focuses on Conceptual and Operational Definitions of Constructs. There is also a description of Attitude toward new technology.

Conceptual and Operational Definitions of Constructs : Attitude toward new technology


In this assignment, you are being given a number of constructs. Conduct scholarly research that has been published within the past five years that measures each on these. Based on this, provide a conceptual and at least one operational definition of each construct listed below.

Based on the operational definitions, provide a measurement for the variable and explain the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) that is generated. Once this completed, provide a conceptual and operational definition of two construct. So,  you will be measuring in your intended dissertation research.

Attitude toward new technology

Rather than present a traditional paper, organize the document by the following construct.

  • Attitude toward new technology
  • Customer satisfaction


Leadership style

Organizational commitment

  • Constructs you intend to measure

Operational Definitions of Constructs : Attitude toward new technology

Length: Your paper should be between 5-7 pages, not including title and reference page.

References:  Include a minimum of eight (8) scholarly sources.

So, your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Also, your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.



Measurement is the process of assigning numbers to represent attributes of objects according to a set of rules. Note that its the characteristic of the object thats measured, not the object itself. For instance, you may measure the attitude or preference of a person, not the person.

Detailed Instructions


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