The topic is on procurement processes and its impact on project success. The fields are specified to Public Sector + Non Construction Projects.

Non construction projects are projects with physical building. Example can be health care projects, R&D (consultancy) projects, Design & Supervision Projects, IT projects, …etc.

Public sector is the sector run by the government to serve the public. This can cover health department, tourism department, housing departments, economic department and others.

The main target of this chapter to propose the study conceptual framework and the rationale of the study in line with the research problem, objectives, aim and questions. The conceptual framework shall help to get us there.

The conceptual framework shall include developing  variables theortical and operational definitions (should be adopted from the published scholarly literatures) and measurement items/scales (Precisely determine a set of measurement items to measure the variables).

At the end of the chapter, a simple graphical representation of your conceptual framework depicting the relationships between dependent and independent variables shall be illustrated.


The order shall be done in stages, after approving the variables (independent and dependent). The writer to start a summary table for variable opertionalization. After approval the variable opertionalization, the writer to process the remaining parts to make sure we have full alignment, as its hard to modify after completing the full order in single shoot.

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