Write a 300 word minimum summary in Word, in your opinion, and include your thoughts on the folloing points. Make sure to include all the required items listed in your submission. There is no preference either way how you cite your sources, however they need to be included in your paper or you will be docked points. Also, do not do a copy and paste of what you have learned, I am looking for your words and not from the website you used to learn about the laws.

Using resources on the Internet, conduct research on Cyberstalking Laws.

  1. Does your state or country if you did not grow up in the United States have a specific cyberstalking law?
  2. If not, does your code law reference any national or global laws associated with cyberstalking?
  3. Find a case, provide a high level overview of what it entailed, and provide your suggestions on how that could of potentially be mitigated or prevented.

You will submit your assignment as an attachment. Click on this Assignment link to view a new screen, and click on the Browse My Computer link to add your files. Do not add special characters such as #%*)! in the file name, extra spaces, or extra periods. Please submit your assignment using a computer rather than a cell phone. To find your score, click on Tools or My Grades. Click on the name of the assignment to view feedback.

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