This assignment focuses on Conducting Functional Assessment of Behavior, There is also a description of behavior’s antecedents and consequences.

Conducting Functional Assessment of Behavior : behavior’s antecedents and consequences

Assignment/ Conducting Functional Assessment of Behavior/Early Childhood

Conducting Functional Assessment of Behavior In this assignment, you will identify a behavior that requires defining and study by conducting research on the behavior’s antecedents and consequences. • Create a three-page paper (not including the title and references pages) in Word document for your response. • Use APA format for the title page, references page, and in-text citations. Develop an introduction and conclusion for the paper. • Follow the directions to submit your final Word document. Part 1: Functional Behavior Assessment Interviews In Part 1, you will complete two functional behavior assessment interviews to research behaviors, their antecedents and consequences. • Select two individuals who work with a student(s) in your class or a program you are observing.

Behavior’s antecedents and consequences

Schedule interviews with the two individuals. • Use the following questions from the Functional Behavior Assessment Interview Guide to conduct the interviews: o Describe any behaviors the student(s) exhibit throughout the day of concern to you. o Of those behaviors, which is the one that concerns you the most and why? How often does the behavior occur? How long does it last? o How would you measure the behavior? What is happening during the day when the behavior is most likely to occur? o When is the behavior absent? What is happening during the day when the behavior is not occurring? o With whom is the behavior most/least likely to occur? What triggers the behavior? o How can you tell the behavior has been triggered? What usually happens after the behavior? Does the student(s) receive attention from adults or peers when the behavior occurs or just after the behavior?

Detailed Instructions


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