The assignment focuses Construction Contracts in Singapore. Also, there is a description in Approaches to change Management. So, explain the approaches to change management.

Construction Contracts in Singapore – Approaches to change Management

QUESTION. Firstly, to help FCL out of this ‘quicksand’. Secondly, critically assess and explain the approaches to change management. Especially how the change valued/assessed, under the NEC4 ECC and the FIDIC Red Book, 2017. Remember to compare and contrast the two approaches. [60% Weighting]. Also, identify and critically examine the contractual issues in the above scenario relating to change management and more specifically.  The operation of the compensation event procedure under the NEC4 ECC. Remember to use authorities to support your analysis. [40% Weighting].

Construction Contracts in Singapore – Approaches to change Management

Additionally, scenario Forecasters Construction Limited (FCL) a Singaporean construction company. Also, ventured into the UK construction market two years ago. The first project won by the group was a privately financed multi-purposed housing development in Aberdeen under the NEC4 ECC Contract Option A (without amendment save as expressly mentioned in this scenario). Although very well known for their expertise in the use of FIDIC contracts in Singapore, this was the first time FCL had used the NEC4 ECC contract. According to the Contract data, the Client and the Contractor  to share design responsibilities. Part I of the Contract Data set out clearly each party’s responsibilities. FCL employed Accurate Designers to produce the required drawings.

Construction Contracts in Singapore – Approaches to change Management

These reviewed and approved by the designers engaged by the Client. Construction work commenced in mid-2019 and for the ensuing six months, FCL struggled to cope with the contract administration demands under the NEC4 ECC contract. FCL used to the FIDIC terms, contractual language and approach. When it comes to the NEC4, they are particularly baffled by the extension of time and variation procedures under the NEC4 ECC contract. 

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