The assignment focuses on Consumer Behavior theories. Besides, there is also a description of  Individual decision-making process. So, demonstrate an understanding of the main theories. 

Consumer Behavior theories – Individual decision-making process

Firstly, compare and contrast the real self versus the ideal self. Secondly, the essay should discuss both types for any ONE or both of the following product categories, discuss which self is likely to used as a reference point and the individual decision-making process when the purchase decision is being considered:
· Food products (vegan food products)(three example )
This assignment designed to assess learning outcomes:

 Consumer Behavior theories – Individual decision-making process

Students must:
Also, demonstrate an understanding of the main theories in consumer behavior(hierarchy of needs, group influence, perception,self-image etc.) and how these can applied in marketing endeavors. Thirdly, understand the psychological underpinnings of consumer behavior. Fourthly, produce a critical analysis of a contemporary issue in consumer behaviour.

Consumer Behavior theories – Individual decision-making process

Additionally, to pass this coursework you need to demonstrateFirstly, ability to access and research appropriate academic literature. Secondly, the ability to APPLY theories of consumer behaviour or to apply to the essay what read in the appropriate academic literature.
  • Skills of analysis, compilation and structure.
  • Essays should be more than descriptive collations of library material and should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and practice, and demonstrate thoughtful and critical analysis of issues.
Consumer Behavior theories – Individual decision-making process
  • Marks will be therefore awarded for evidence of:
  • good research skills and the effective use of appropriate literature throughout the essay
  • analytical rigour (good analytical skills)
  • a critical perspective throughout the essay
  • demonstration of understanding of all relevant concepts. good application of theory to practice
  • use of appropriate examples throughout the essay
  • practical insight.
You need to read at least 5-8 peer-reviewed journal articles for this essay. Use relevant theory to support your it.

Detailed Instructions


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