Consumer Culture Theory

Consumer behavior is based on theories and laws. This assignment is to familiarize you with one of the theories/laws covered in the study of consumer behavior. You will select a theory/law on a first-come-first-served basis. 

This is a serious, in-depth dissection of your selected theory. Below are listed the items to include in the finished assignment. This is to be professionally presented. All items are to be cited and referenced. Each item is to be referenced from a separate source. Sources are to be used for only one item. 

Information to include.

  • The basic idea of the theory.
  • When was it first proposed?
  • Who proposed and who developed the theory? With some theories there are more than one person. 
  • Three academic research articles that include the theory. Explain how each article uses the theory. The articles are to be properly cited and referenced. Any other articles used in your explanation also need to be cited and referenced.
  • An example of how the theory is evident in an existing company or product. This too is to be cited and referenced. This is to be sourced from an additional source, not from a source already used.
  • Do not cut and paste. Write in your own words. A check for plagiarism will be conducted. 

Finished submission

Written in a research paper format.

References are to be cited within the paper.

Do not use Wikipedia as a reference. Wikipedia and dictionaries will not be counted as references.

  • Length: Exactly 750 words. See the rubric for scoring. Points will be deducted for shorter or longer papers.
  • Title and the student’s name will be included once in the word count. Other information such as date, class, professor’s name, etc. will not be counted. 
  • Times Roman, double-spaced.
  • Number the page at the bottom with your last name and the page number. (Thompson – 1).
  • One-inch margins.
  • Use Grammarly for grammar and spelling.
  • Submit as a Word document. DO NOT submit as a pdf file or an Apple-based file.


Basic Requirements:   

Papers WILL NOT be graded if any of the following conditions exist:

  1. there are no proper citations within the paper.
  2. more than 20% of the paper consists of cited direct quotes. Use your own words.
  3. evidence of plagiarism exists.
  4. paper is more than 800 words or less than 700 words.

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