Contemporary Body Image: Review the Hull et al. article posted on the Connect page entitled “Form or Function? An Examination of ESPN Magazine’s ‘Body Issue.’”

You must write a 2000-word paper on one of the research areas explained below.  This assignment will be worth 25 percent of your final grade.


The research paper should show 1) your ability to analyze information 2) your ability to construct an argument 3) your ability to write clearly and concisely and 4) your ability to locate, evaluate, summarize and document 6 or more scholarly sources. Cite in either MLA format.

I already gave you 6 sources, please only use what I gave you. (See Attached File “resources”) Thank you!



          12pt Times new roman font.  1-inch margins.

          Double spaced text.

          Review syllabus for late policy on assignments.

          If you go more than ten percent over the word limit, I will stop reading there.  Like any assignment, the word limit is set for a reason.  If you write 1500 words you are unlikely to have supported your argument as well as you could have.  If you write 2500 words, you have done a different assignment than the intended one etc.

          You will be required to provide full bibliographic references for the articles you will be summarizing in either MLA style.



Contemporary Body Image


Review the Hull et al. article posted on the Connect page entitled “Form or Function? An Examination of ESPN Magazine’s ‘Body Issue.’”  Additionally, recall the Rees “Tattooing” article for his discussion of “the body as a site for constructing identity.”


Consider to what extent body image is a prevalent issue in contemporary culture.


While media representation of body image is a significant factor in perpetuating stereotypes, consider the changes that have occurred with regards to body image in the past few years/decades more generally to construct an argument. 


You may, then, wish to refine your area of focus onto one of the following areas:

male or female body image specifically in the 21st century, body image and self-identification within the LGBTQ community, the relationship between health and body image in the past few decades etc. 


You could do a case study of a particular article, film, blog or newsfeed on something closely related to your topic, or you may choose to view the issue from a more macro perspective. In fact, choosing a case study as an example to analyze can be helpful in narrowing your topic. You could also do a comparison/ contrast between one example and another.


These are examples of possible directions; you will want to decide on an aspect of the body image discussion that interests you. 


Framing your argument will be key for this assignment. 

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