This assignment focuses on Digital Image Processing. The paper also touches on  Contrast Stretching and Log transformations.

Digital Image Processing : Contrast Stretching and Log transformations

Write a report for “Digital Image Processing” course The report should cover ALL of the following topics on “Digital Image Enhancement”: Contrast Stretching. Log transformations. Power-Law transformations. Low pass filtering in time domain. High pass filtering in time domain. If the image is a two dimensional array then what does it have to do with a signal? In order to understand that , We need to first understand what is a signal?

Digital Image Processing : Contrast Stretching and Log transformations

Include sample images, graphics, drawings, and screen-shot of your program output as needed in your report.

1) Font type should be (Times New Roman).
2) Font size should be (14) and the title of each section should be (16 Bold).
3) line spacing should be (1.5).
4) Page size should be (A4) in (Portrait) mode.
5) Page margins should be as the following (Right=2, Left=3, Bottom=2, Top=2).
6) It’s preferred that the number of words not be less than (3000) words.
7) The report should contain: list of contents, list of tables, list of figures and list of abbreviation.
8) References should be added to the end of as the following examples:
[1] Reference 1.
[2] Reference 2.
9) The report should be written based on no less than (5) scientific references.

Detailed Instructions


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