The assignment concentrates on Contrasting Rhetorical Essay Styles. Additionally, there is a description of Harold Wilson and Tony Blair. So, demonstrate awareness of communicative strategies.

Contrasting Rhetorical Essay Styles – Harold Wilson and Tony Blair

Assessments:- 2,500 word essay (60%). Substantive essay contrasting the rhetorical style of two politicians. There is no set question – rather it is up to you which two politicians you choose to analyse. This is more of a conventional essay, however here you will be expected to apply the theories of political communication in your analysis. You can select which political actors are of particular note provided they leading figures within their respective party. Assessment Notes:- They are both written pieces of work where you will expected to demonstrate awareness of communicative strategies, different forms of audience expectation, and an awareness of the theories of communication as well as apply your prior knowledge of British political ideologies.

Contrasting Rhetorical Essay Styles – Harold Wilson and Tony Blair

It is important to note that in order to perform well you will need to attend the lectures and seminars. Failure to do so will risk your ability to produce an effective piece of work. References Bibliography Allington, Daniel, ‘Jeremy Corbyn has Attracted “Socialism fans”, not Labour Voters’ New Statesman, 25/04/2017 s-not-labour-voters [22/11/17] Aristotle, The Art of Rhetoric (Penguin Books: London, 2004) Crines, Andrew, ‘Harold

Contrasting Rhetorical Essay Styles – Harold Wilson and Tony Blair

Wilson’s Rhetoric: Revisiting the Wilsonian Language of Renewal’ Renewal, Vol 22: Issue 3, pp.130-31 Crines, Andrew, ‘Wilson as Orator’ in Crines, Andrew and Hickson, Kevin, (eds.) Harold Wilson: The Unprincipled Prime Minister?: A Reappraisal of Harold Wilson (Biteback Publishing: London, 2016) Crossley, James G., Harnessing Chaos: The Bible in English political Discourse Since 1968 (Bloomsbury: London, 2014) p.242 Fairclough, Norman, New Labour, New Language? (Routledge: London, 2000) p.8 Finlyason, Alan, ‘Tony Blair and the Jargon of Modernisation’ Soundings, Autumn 1998, Issue 10, pp.11-27 Frum, David, ‘How We Got Here:

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