Project Three:
Controversy Presentation. You will give a seven-to-eight-minute presentation of a controversy about an artist in your genre. You must select a specific artist and controversy and make an argument about how the controversy impacts the genre overall. Focus on specific songs, albums, performances, public appearances, quotes, and/or interviews in order to make your case about how the controversy impacts the genre. Along with your presentation, you will turn in a 1 page write up that uses two secondary sources. One of the secondary sources must be scholarly. The other secondary source can be non-scholarly but must be reliable. 

Your write-up should include an introduction paragraph with a thesis that makes a strong argument about how the controversy impacted the genre overall. Analyze the sources using rhetorical devices such as logos, pathos, and ethos. Introduce your sources with a signal phrase to help the reader understand why each source is relevant and trustworthy. Use of mix of quotes and paraphrase from the sources to support your argument and then analyze the sources in order to make it clear how each connects to your thesis. Include a Works Cited page that lists all sources in MLA format. You should practice your presentation ahead of time in order to be sure that it is the correct length of time to ensure a Complete grade. Any visual components of the presentation must by the day before the presentation date. If you are using a supplemental video, it should be under two minutes.

What are your plans for Project 3? What’s a significant controversy within your genre that you want to examine? How did this controversy directly help shape your genre into what it is today (good or bad)? What can we learn from this controversy within your genre?