This assignment focuses on Coordinated Integrated care Report writing. There is also a description of  chronic /long term conditions.

Coordinated Integrated care Report writing : chronic /long term conditions

Paper details,,,Coordinated Integrated care[Report writing). This report is an investigation of the effectiveness of coordinating integrated are required to select a chronic /long term condition and explore the nurses role in coordinating integrated healthcare.Every patient will need episodic care coordination at some point in their care experience. Care management, however, involves a more specific subset of care coordination. So, it involves longitudinal, proactive outreach to manage and coordinate care for a defined group of often higher risk individuals.

Coordinated Integrated care Report writing : chronic /long term conditions

The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative outlines six core functions of care coordination (one of which involves providing care management services) useful for understanding how to coordinate high-quality services to meet the needs and preferences of patients.

This will  completed by focusing on addressing learning outcome 1 -4. Besides, you can either come out with a scenario eg like a 69 year old types 2 diabetic patient who is going to be discharge home and things that need to be put into plcace .
Assessment 2 produce a care pathway(flow chart).
*pls meet every sub question under each learning outcome,otherwise i will  referred,its a level six writing.

Detailed Instructions


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