This assignment entails Data-informed Decision Making. There is also a discussion on Corporate Marketing Strategy. Therefore, explain what your chart’s and numerical statistical results are in a clear and insightful way.

Data-informed Decision Making – Corporate Marketing Strategy

A. Introduction 1. Throughout the term, you will learn data analytical and statistical concepts and techniques. Apply these concepts and techniques in business to solve problems and recommend business decisions. 2. Also, the two outcomes: For instance, you demonstrate you can process real-life data with MS Excel to produce insights valuable for a business. Likewise, develop and demonstrate the skill of producing a workplace report with MS Word that is professional and has polish. B. Task description 1. Foremost, the lecturer will give you a business problem (the ‘individual report questions’ document, and the accompanying ‘Excel dossier’ data set). Again, using these, compose a report of 1,000 words or less that solves the business problem.2. Consequently, the business problem may involve some selection(but not all)of these concepts and techniques:

Data-informed Decision Making – Corporate Marketing Strategy

Also, descriptive statistics(including using Excel functions)(Week 2)•Graphical descriptive statistics (charts, including using Excel functions) (Week 3)•Additionally, do Chi-squared test (Week4)•Normal distribution (Week 5)•Sampling (Week 6)• Also, Hypothesis testing I, involving a sample from one population (Week 7)•Hypothesis testing II, involving a sample each from two populations (Week 8)•Linear correlation and regression (Week 10)3. Remember, you will use both MS Word and MS Excel. Craft the report based on the charts, calculations, the final answers and your interpretation of these. 4. Give your report a title on the first page of your report.

Data-informed Decision Making – Corporate Marketing Strategy

Organise the report into sections, with headings like, ‘1. Introduction’, ‘2. Chart-based analysis’, ‘3. Excel-based analysis’, ‘4. Chi-squared test’, ‘6. Hypothesis testing I’, and ‘7. Hypothesis testing II’, and so on. This depends on what concept sand techniques are contained in the ‘individual report question’ document. 5. Moreover, use your own words to explain what the calculations and numbers you generated mean for a business. Also, you must assume that you are reporting your findings to a high-level manager/boss who is not well-versed in data analysis and statistics. Also, you must explain what your chart’s and numerical statistical results are in a clear andinsightful way.

Finally, Make sure the formatting and structure (font size, spacing, headings), and the logical flow of your report writing are neat and professional. 

Detailed Instructions


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