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INTE 115

Elements and Principles of Interior Design

Spring 2023 | S.Kim


GRADING: 25% of the total grading

DUE DATE: May 23rd, 2023, Tuesday, at 9:30 am


  • Digital presentation: Sulbmit PDF file to CanvasPhysical board(s): Take photos of your boards and upload them to Canvas.
    Also, bring the boards to the class.
  • WHY ADU?

    “Over the past decade, new housing development has not kept pace with job or population growth, resulting in housing costs that have increased at a much faster rate than income levels. ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) are alternative housing models that contribute to addressing home supply and affordability.” Additionally, they offer great creative potential and opportunities for designers, especially in urban areas of California.

    ADU Requirements Include: Must have sanitary cooking facilities. May be attached or detached from a single-family home. Must be rented for 30 days or longer (no short-term rental allowed, ex. AirBnb). May be standard residential construction, pre-manufactured housing or mobile homes on permanent foundations. The size of ADU may not exceed 45% of the primary habitable single-family house.


    Create a schematic design package for a client who resides in a detached ADU. You may create a hypothetical client profile and develop interior design strategies to work for the client’s lifestyle. The ADU floor plan will be provided via Canvas, and you may not modify the original plan unless approved by the instructor.

    This project may be completed independently or with a partner (team of 2 students). The groups will be required to create additional drawings and complete the group member


    You can choose any medium for this project – physical presentation boards or digital slides using Google Slides or PowerPoint. Your presentation must include all four parts listed


    Part 1 – Case study research: Conduct precedent research on existing ADU projects and professionally organize the contents. It may be in-depth research on one award-winning ADU design OR mulfiple notable ADU designs that are especially interesting or inspirational to you. Include a page title, inspirational images (interiorand/or exterior), and project descriptions (explaining design intent and details of the projects).

    • Part 2 – Create FF&E (Furniture, Fixture, Equipment) selection proposal: Select major furniture, lighting, accessories, and finish elements for the given ADU. Create presentation boards for your design proposal in a professional manner. Include images of the chosen FF & Es and neatly add page titles and image labels. This
      ‘Mood Board’ should provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed design concept for your ADU design. Specifications are not required.
    • Part 3 – Display a material tray: Collect the physical material samples and arrange them on a white tray. Bring the tray to the in-person presentation. The material board is a requirement for all students regardless of the presentation format. Take a photo of the tray and include it in your submission to Canvas.
    • Part 4 – Draw 1 (one) Perspectives: Include perspectives of the following spaces:

    Kitchen/Dining Area, Living Area, Sleeping Area, and/or Bathroom. Your drawings can be either a 1-point or 2-point perspective and optionally have colors. Any medium is acceptable such as markers, color pencils, watercolor, or digital modeling such as SketchUp. If creating black and white drawings, use various line weights to differentiate major architectural elements from supplemental accessory items. If you work as a team, create one more perspective showing a different area.