Country of Origin Perceptions and Impact on Perceived Product Quality

Section 1:
 Compile a list of 5 countries and ask 10 respondents what specific
product(s) (NOT BRANDS) they associate with each of the countries.
 What distinct product attributes (durability, design, flavor, safety, etc…) do your respondents most perceive about products that come from each of these countries?
 What is the level of perceived quality that your respondents associate with each of these products?

Section 2:
 Prepare a brief description of any product (do NOT include brand name) of your choice, including a detailed list of specific product features.
 Make three identical versions of the description (keeping all the features identical for the three descriptions), varying only the country of origin of the product.
 Ask a different set of 5 consumers to rate each of the three product
descriptions (15 respondents in total) in terms of perceived quality,
perceived value, and likelihood of purchase.

Section 3:
Assess: Do ratings change as a function of the country of origin? How does this explain the power of country stereotype? What are the implications for marketers?