In this assignment, you will be asked to pick a product that you would like to trade in

a COUNTRY of your choice.

Part I Introduction

a. Introduction includes a short profile of the company, the product to be sold,

and the country with which you wish to trade

Part II Country Background Analysis

a. Cultural analysis

b. Political and Legal analysis

c. Economic analysis and regional economic integration

d. Assess risks and opportunities in relevance to your product

Part III Market Analysis

The analysis becomes more specific to the product and its relationship to the target

market. This information gathered in this section relates particularly to the product

and brand. In this section, the researcher analyzes the nature of the market, customers,

marketing requirements, and the competitive environment.

a. SWOT analysis:

a. Discuss the strength, weakness of the internal environment (e.g., the

company and the product) and the threats and opportunities in the

external environment (e.g., industry, trade barriers, consumer trend,

technological barrier, infrastructure barrier)

b. Assess the major competitors in the market

c. Segment the market, and definite your target market

d. Position your target among the competitors and discuss your competitive


e. Discuss the Mode of Entry, and explain why