Learning Goal: I’m working on a macro economics project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Look at the example for country Project. You are supposed to compare Your Assigned country with the United States.

Read next few slides carefully then follow the country project example. You are supposed to cover all the variables that I put in the PowerPoint example and add all explanation that want there.

All data (numbers) should be from that website, other information like flags, pictures, could be from any other resources. ( copy the following link or Click )

As I have explained before, submitting the PROJECTS have 20% ( Each of project has 10%) of you grade. There is no in or max on number of slides, … . As long as you cover all information in a nice designed presentation you are good to go. You are supposed to design your own presentation and do not use my slides. You can follow the same ordering but do not copy paste your numbers there. Make and design yours.