Bibliographic Citation using APA Format. If the article is obtained from the actual Wall Street Journal newspaper, see page 200 NO. 10 in the APA Manual for an example of how to prepare the reference citation. If the article is obtained online, see page 200 NO. 11 in the APA Manual for an example of how to prepare the online reference.


(60-100 of your own words) Questions to consider include: What is the subject of the article and what is the author’s point of view? No quotations may be used.


Prepare a short statement that demonstrates how and why this article is relevant to the topics discussed in class. The analysis must consider what concept that we have studied, how it is applied in this article, and why it is relevant and important. No quotations may be used from any source. This is the most important section of your paper because it requires critical thinking and analysis in applying the thesis of the article to the concepts studied in class.


Express an opinion, advice, criticism, etc., demonstrating critical thinking and an application to the “real world.” The opinion should be expressed in third person such as, “This researcher …,” “This student …” Do not use “I”, “we,” “our,” “you,” or any other form of indefinite you.