For this assignment, you will write and present a transcript that brings together the major points explored in your Weeks 5 & 7 deliverable.

This assignment is intended to explore various theories and influences regarding human development. You will use research skills and communicate and support your ideas using clear and logical writing.

    • PowerPoint Presentation
      1. Using the project deliverable from weeks 5 and 7, create a transcript. Take the major points explored from the previous deliverable (origin and interpretation of the “The Saying” and its relevance to lifespan human from Week 5; and how ‘The Saying” applies to the person you researched for Week 7 and a description of the person’s stage of human development) and write the transcript of what you will be presenting. The transcript should be about a page long and should incorporate any feedback your instructor has given. Include the text of the transcript in the Assignment Worksheet.
      2. Create a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should be approximately 8-10 slides. The presentation should incorporate any feedback your instructor has given you on weeks 5 & 7.
      3. In your presentation, you are encouraged to be creative and engaging, however, the information you present must be grounded in accurate application of developmental thinking.

Submit both parts of the Week 11 Assignment.

5. Include the proper file naming convention:

 Transcript: PSY278_wk11_assn1_jsmith_mmddyyyy.

 PowerPoint: PSY278_wk11_assn2_jsmith_mmddyyyy.

References in APA: