Create a workshop or training

Create a workshop or training that you may one day implement at your workplace. This should include a presentation or PowerPoint, handouts and/or materials to be shared with participants, an outline of your presentations and a one page reflection paper of why you chose this topic. Examples of topics include the following or you may choose your own topic. Be sure to include areas in your presentations directly linked to the content learned in class

Quick Response

Conflict resolution involves the application of appropriate skills to deal with existing conflicts and promote efficiency and cohesion in an organization. The main steps include identification of conflict source, investigation of the conflict, evaluation of existing alternatives to solve the conflict, adoption of a solution and agreement(Scharlatt, 2016). This process may entail other steps depending on the nature of the conflict. Conflict resolution approaches include competition, accommodation, avoidance, collaboration, and compromise respectively. Each approach is aimed at providing the satisfaction of the individuals or parties involved in a conflict…

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