Creating a positive literacy environment.

Design a digital graphic presentation of 10-15 slides on the topic of creating a positive literacy environment to be used for professional development for teachers. Include five examples of how to create a positive environment that enhance literacy development. Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes within your presentation. In your presenter notes be sure to provide a rationale of how your environments support individual and collaborative learning that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

Quick Response

The International Reading Association endorses the literacy-rich environment. The approach influences the activities that go on in the classroom as well as setting the stage for interactions with various genres(Morrow, 2007). However, the approach is only significant for early literacy. The core elements of this approach include content posters, classroom libraries, anchor charts, labels, literacy workstations, writing centers, computers, displays of student work, display of books and information sources respectively. The above core elements help the learners to be able to depend on various resources for learning purposes and active engagement in the learning institution. Moreover, the existence of books, computers, and classroom libraries encourages self-motivation and exploration respectively…

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