The assignment talks about Case Law and Criminal Code. Additionally, there is an Analysis of State of the Law. So, discuss all relevant points of law, including the Charter.

Case Law and Criminal Code – State of the Law Analysis

Instructions You are a judge. Firstly, the defendant stands before you charged with murder. The Crown agreed that she can tried by a judge alone, without a jury. The following factual scenario summarizes the evidence that has emerged over the course of the trial. It now time for you to render a verdict and give your reasons. Review the factual scenario carefully, and then write a judgment explaining whether the defendant should convicted of the offence with which she charged, or of a lesser offence, or should acquitted. You should begin with a brief summary of the relevant facts. If facts are unclear or open to competing interpretations, consider all possibilities and state any conclusions you are reaching and why.

Case Law and Criminal Code – State of the Law Analysis

You should also be sure to discuss all relevant points of law, including the Charter, case law and Criminal Code provisions outlining the elements of the offences in question, and apply them to the facts of this case. If the state of the law is unclear or undecided, or if there are important dissenting opinions, discuss. Be sure to address both the Crown and defence positions and identify and assess their relative strengths and weaknesses. Format Your assignment can be a maximum of 12 pages in length Use headings (just as in the judgments you’ve read) to assist in organizing your analysis. Factual Scenario Hyun-mi and Maja are both brilliant and innovative pharmaceutical engineers.

Case Law and Criminal Code – State of the Law Analysis

Also, they have been fierce rivals since they met 20 years ago as undergraduate students in the biomedical engineering program at U of T and competed with one another for the top spot in their anatomy class. They both went on to medical school and then earned their PhDs, Hyun-mi at Stanford and Maja at MIT. They are now employed by rival pharmaceutical companies. Hyun-mi works for Xetopa Medical, while Maja works for Genam Biotechnology. Both Hyun-mi and Maja and their respective companies have been hard at work developing a new “tumour agnostic” cancer drug –

Case Law and Criminal Code – State of the Law Analysis

a drug that could be used to treat any kind of cancer, regardless of where it is in the body, so long as the tumor has the specific molecular alteration that the drug targets. If these efforts are successful they would revolutionize cancer treatment – and be worth billions of dollars to the company that develops and patents the drug first.

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