This assignment involves the use of SPSS to run some simple descriiptive statistics on the 2018 subset of the LIHR Survey.

Part 1. Demographics (Or Study Context)

Connect to SPSS

Open the LIHR 2018 subset data
Use the ANALYZEàDESCRIPTIVE STATISTICSàFREQUENCIES to obtain the frequency distribution of the following variables (the name of the variable is in the parentheses):
City (city)
gender (female),
race (race3)
College education (College)—note those with a BA/BS or higher = 1, everyone else =0
Use the AnalyzeàDESCRIPTIVE STATISTICSàDESCRIPTIVES to find the mean, standard deviation, min, and max of the age of the respondents (Q78).
Write a brief paragraph or two describing the sample based on the analyses you just conducted. You should include numbers and percentages in your paragraphs (usually percentages first supporting them with numbers in parentheses).

Part 2. Perceptions of the ethical standards of government officials.

There are three variables that ask respondents about their perceptions of the ethical standards of elected officials. They were asked to what extent they agreed or disagreed on a 5-point scale whether their city official has high ethical standards, whether elected officials in the Virginia state government have high ethical standards and whether members of Congress have high ethical standards. The variables were recoded so that 1- strongly agree or agree, and 0=neither agree or disagree, disagree or strongly disagree.

Run Frequencies on the variables described above. The variable names are Ethic_city, Ethic_VA, and Ethic_congress
Write a paragraph that describes Hampton Roads residents’ perceptions of elected officials (e.g., generally, which group of elected officials are viewed more and least favorably). You should include percentages (and numbers) in your paragraph.

Turn in a 1-page (at most) document with the 2+ paragraphs describing what you did in Parts 1 & 2. In addition, add a paragraph that describes other things researchers could do to explore the data more thoroughly.