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RpM – Brands have meaning, power over audiences. When brands experience disputes, conflicts with stakeholders, they Question 2 options: act in the audience’s best interest act in the society’s best interest act in their own best interest None of the above

Which of the following summarizes an incident’s characteristicss Question 3 options: Low impact coupled with low level of technical response leads to a return to business normality Moderate impact and average level of technical response, limited number of steps required to return to normality High to extreme impact, rapid and efficiently coordinated response with high level of technical response required to return to normality All above are characteristics of an incident

RpM – Which of the following statements best completes this sentence : “Disputes and conflicts between individuals and organizations arise when …” Question 6 options: Organizations fail to deliver as promised Individuals perceive the organization has derogated to one or more universal value(s) Individuals are wronged by the organization Individuals’ expectations are too high Organizations misbehave or are perceived to have misbehaved

RpM – In Reputation Management, what are the two types of relationships organizations maintain with stakeholders ? Question 8 options: Powerful or dependent Durability and health Symmetrical and asymmetrical Commercial and communications exchanges