Critical Analysis on the show “Black-ish”

Detailed Instructions


The essay must include in-text citations, focus on the different important lessons the show teaches. Highlight how the show uses different semiotics to teach these lessons. And if some way try to include Marxism.

Quick Response

The show Black-ish is created by Kenya Barris and revolves around an upper-middle-class African American family. Andrew Johnson and the family juggle several individual and sociopolitical issues. One of the significant lessons that are borrowed from the show revolves around the question of where the line is drawn, which defines an individual by race. Another point for analysis is the extent that monetary success transforms the blackness and the perceptions of the black people in society (Johnson, 2018). This position brings out the lesson that people should embrace the new and accommodate change why still honoring the past. This lesson is vivid when Dre is inspired by his family and the hip-hop Bro Mitzvah event inspires him to advocate for a campaign aimed at upholding multicultural approach…


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