The cell phone is unarguably one of the important inventions in the modern world. The advancement of technology and scientific research has yielded sophisticated types of cell phones. Human beings are greatly impacted by this technology in various disciplines. While most studies have focused on the contribution and negative impact of cell phones, the lens connection to social sciences, humanities, and natural science can offer substantial knowledge.

Lens Connection: History

The study of past events, phenomena and experiences is collectively referred to as history. A cell phone is linked to history, as an academic discipline, in various ways. Past information is stored on the internet that learners can retrieve with a single click. Students can learn about past experiences via cell phone by searching through the online archives. Historians can gather information about past experiences via mobile interviews if a physical meeting is not possible.

Lens Connection: Humanities

Humanities is the academic discipline that deals with the study of culture and human society. Academic institutions are part of the human society that impart academic knowledge. Cell phones are widely used by students and instructors for communication. It is also possible to admit that the growing number of cell phones has contributed to cultural exchange. People can learn or imitate other people’s culture after interaction via cell phone. With the invention of the internet, cell phones have reduced the vast world into a common village where individuals across the globe can interact via a virtual platform. Cultural exchange has contributed to tolerance among people of different cultural backgrounds (Cuéllar & Lanman, 2017). The use of cell phones has also shaped people’s behaviour in different societies. Behavioural change can be positive or negative to society. Several discussions have emerged about the negative contribution of cell phones. Exposure of cell phone technology to children has been criticized for being the source of negative behaviours, indiscipline, immorality, and internet addiction. The arguments can be considered to be true considering the thick line that separates children of the pre-cell phone technology and the modern ones. However, it should never be assumed that cell phones are the sole contributor to behavioural change in the modern world. Several factors have contributed, including education, the internet, and social media that can be accessed via computers and not cell phones. Society is ever-changing, and cell phones play a key role in the change.

Lens Connection: Natural Science

Natural science describes the study of the physical world, such as biology, physics, geology, and chemistry. Learning the physical world has been simplified through the use of cell phones. The manufacturers of various cell phones have incorporated various applications that aid in the search and interpretation of geological structures. For example, the search for various rocks, google maps, and analysis of the earth’s structures are performed with ease through the use of cell phones. Minerals obtained through the mining of the earth’s rocks are used in manufacturing cell phone screens. Examples of such minerals include copper, cobalt, tellurium, and lithium.

Lens Connection: Social Sciences

The study of societies and the relationships among people in those societies collectively describes science sciences. The interaction between a social scientist and a cell phone is important in understanding the application of technology in this field. Social scientists use cell phones to collect, store and analyze data. The device can take pictures and record videos that are useful for social scientists during their field studies (Cuéllar & Lanman, 2017). Politics is a branch of social science that utilizes cell phones more frequently; politicians use cell phones to mobilize supports and campaign during elections. Also, political opponents can use cell phones to abuse or negatively tarnish the names of opponents.

In conclusion, a look into the lens connection between cell phone and various discipline contain valuable information. Humanities, social science, and natural sciences are all linked to cell phones in various ways.