Task Instructions

This is a 1500 word written piece based on the clinical scenario provided in your resources below.

• Read these Task Instructions and the Rubric very carefully.

• You are encouraged to use the Assignment Calculator. to plan your work.

• Conform to the requirements of academic writing including academic language and document layout (font style and size, line spacing, and margins).  Use APA 7 referencing style (see the H5P in the Assignments  section).

• Use the shift planner  provided in the resources.

Your written piece should also  demonstrate each of the following elements:

1. Critical appraisal of the leadership role of the registered nurse in a nursing team as it pertains to elements of the scenario.

2. Analysis of the registered nurse’s leadership roles & responsibilities in prioritising care, delegating appropriately and providing supervision in a nursing team using examples from the scenario.

3. Use of a shift planner to demonstrate your critical thinking in prioritising care and delegating appropriately in the nursing team.

4. Application of appropriate elements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Standards for Practice to identify Registered Nurse (RN) leadership responsibilities for the safe delivery of high quality care in the given clinical scenario.

Use the Draft Submission area for the Turn-It-In check, submitting your work as a Word document. When you have checked your work, and you are ready to submit, upload your written piece  to the Final Submission area as a Word document.


• Clinical scenario  Download Clinical scenario

• Shift planner  Download Shift planner

• The online learning modules  will assist you to complete this task.

• The course textbook and recommended course readings will help you to  research the topic.

• You will need to refer to the NMBA standards (Links to an external site.) for practice .

• If you require assistance with academic writing or referencing please book an appointment with a Learning AdvisorLinks to an external site..

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Assessed

1. CLO 1  Apply NMBA RN standards in different clinical practice leadership scenarios.

2. CLO 2 Critically reflect on and appraise RN leadership qualities and skills in the context of clinical practice.  

3. CLO 3  Apply knowledge of prioritising delegation and supervision within the nursing team.

Assessment Criteria and Rubric

Rubrics help you to understand what knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate in your assessments. They also show you how your submission will be marked and what is expected at the different grade levels. You will be graded on the four elements below,

1. Critical reflection on and appraisal of the leadership qualities and skills of the RN within a nursing team.

2. Prioritising, delegation and supervision responsibilities of the RN within a nursing team.

3. Application of the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice to identify leadership responsibilities in the delivery of safe and high quality care in the scenario.

4. Academic written communication and presentation, with correct referencing and citation using  APA 7 style.