Critically Compare Pablo Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) and Paul Gauguin’s Spirit of the Dead Watching (1892)  in terms of their primitivism. 

Specifically, comment on how each artist conjures notions of the “primitive” through scholarly opinion, content, and interaction of form (line, color, texture, volume, composition). Be specific about aspects of the form – think about and discuss how curves or jagged lines, color, texture (roughness/smoothness), 2D or 3D space, volume/mass, and the composition (composing of elements) interrelates with the “primitive.” 


Use no less than three scholarly sources to argue your points. You may use some or all sources from group discussion readings.  You may augment with reputable sources not discussed in class.


Also, be sure to give a definition of primitivism or the “primitive” in your essay.  Put this definition into your own words.

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