In this discussion assignment, you need to watch the documentary Drug Short, second episode of Dirty Money on Netflix.

This documentary is about Valeant, a multinational pharma giant, which was involved in multiple national and international mergers and acquisitions in recent decades. After the episode, please summarize your main takes, and raise an insightful question at the end.

Watch the documentary critically to relate the story to agency conflict, management objectives, i.e., shareholder capitalism versus stakeholder capitalism, if the Vaelant’s spree of M&As were value creating or value destroying projects for the owners. Also question the efficacy of corporate governance and control mechanisms in Vaelant.

NOTE: If you do not have access to Netflix, then you are required to post 1 discussion question to the Discussion Board upon reading materials and lectures for Ch15 and Ch02, demonstrating that all material was read. The question should be insightful and thought-provoking, going beyond simple clarification of the material, and promote discussion by requiring more than a one-word or phrase response