1. Does the report describe an explicit or conceptual framework for the study? If not, does the absence of a framework detract from the usefulness or significance of the research?
  2. Does the article adequately describe the major features of the theory or model so that the readers can understand the conceptual basis of the study?
  3. Is the theory or model appropriate doe the research problem? Would a different framework have been more fitting?
  4. If there is an intervention, was there a cogent theoretical basis or rationale for the intervention?
  5. Is the theory or model used as a basis for generating hypothesis that were tested, or is it used as an organizational or interpretive framework? Was this appropriate? 
  6. Do the research problem and hypotheses (if any) naturally flow from the framework, or does the purported link between the problem and the framework seem contrived? Are deductions from the theory logical?
  7. Are the concepts adequately defined in a way that is consistent with the theory? If there is an intervention, are intervention components consistent with the theory?
  8. Is the framework based on a conceptual model of nursing or a model developed by nurses? If it is a borrowed theory from other discipline(s), is there adequate justification for its use?
  9. Did the framework guide the study methods? For example, was the appropriate research tradition used if the study was qualitative? If quantitative, do the operational definitions correspond to the conceptual definitions? Were the hypotheses tested statistically?
  10. Does the researcher tie the findings of the study back to the framework at the end of the report? How do the findings support or undermine the framework? Are the findings interpreted within the context of the framework?

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